Fun Crafts That Children With Disabilities Would Love To Work With

Art & crafts are more than just a lovely pastime for the summers. As of now, they are excellent sources of skills development, entertainment and income generation for many including children with disabilities. Apart from offering a social forum through which they can explore their creativity, the realm of art also provides an outlet for expression. Let’s take a look at some really simple craft projects that can be included in the activities of any home for children with disabilities.
Polymer Clay Fridge Magnets

Polymer Clay Fridge Magnets

Things Needed: Multicolored polymer clay, cookie cutters or plastic knives, glitter, paint & self adhesive magnet pieces.

Clay can greatly help kids having developmental disabilities to enhance their motor skills involving hands & arms, since the product must be rolled and pressed into shapes. Besides that, fridge magnets are easy & fun to make as well as useful. Moreover, very little instruction or guidance is necessary for preparing them.
Paper Mache Bowls

Paper Mache Bowls

Things Needed: Glue, 1”-2” multicolored paper strips, styrofoam or paper bowl forms (balloons will do too)

This one can be a wee bit messy, which is why it would need greater supervision. However, the project itself is rather simple, since it just requires applying paper pieces over inflated balloons or bowl forms. The strips can be applied using a paintbrush after being dipped in glue. Each bowl must be built using multiple layers of paper.

Terracotta Painted Pots
Untitled design

Things Needed: Paints, brushes, terracotta pots

Painting is a diverse medium for projects related to arts and crafts, and does not necessitate too much skill either. As such, this task would not need a lot of supervision. There are plenty of health benefits associated with painting. According to research, it can improve the memory of those with Alzheimer’s. Painting has been proven to aid in developing problem solving skills, since it allows for personal expression through a blank canvas.
Fun Fireworks T-Shirts

Fun Fireworks T-Shirts

Things Needed: Multiple rubber puffer balls, paper plate, bright coloured fabric paints and white T-shirt.

Making fireworks T-shirts are not just fun and wearable crafts, but also excellent for kids with severe disabilities. First the fabric paints will have to be squirted on the paper plate. Next, the children can dip puffer balls into it and apply the colours onto the shirt. The patterns resulting from that would bear the semblance of exploding fireworks.

For more interesting craft ideas for special kids, you can check out online magazines or perhaps come up with some innovative idea of your own.


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