Language Barrier Problem For Indian Rural Schools

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At present, India is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia as well as the world. In the last few years, it has made great progress in a number of different fields and also established itself as a seat of opportunities in the international market. All that sounds very good. But how far ahead has our country managed to traverse in terms of education? Well, educational institutions in the urban areas are offering even better facilities than before. However, contrastingly, their rural counterparts aren’t doing very well. And one of the major reasons behind their underperformance is language barrier problem. Many people might disagree with this and say that quality of the instructing teachers is what matters the most. Well, that’s also true to some extent, but language barrier stands as a greater impedance to better rural education in India.

In most schools of Indian villages, vernacular languages are more popular as instruction media instead of English. But the nature of resources and job markets make it mandatory for everyone to have at least basic level knowledge in English. And increasing interaction of Indian economy with the global market would only continue to accentuate the importance of English.

As such, now more than ever, there is an urgent need for equipping our rural children with English alongside other vernacular mediums so that they don’t lag behind when exposing themselves to national as well as international job opportunities. There is just a small challenge that has to be addressed for making this happen, however, and that is, making quality teachers as well as textbooks available for the rural schools.

First of all, usage of the English dialect has to be encouraged and also increased, in addition to making efforts for designing evaluations in a manner that allows students to learn vernacular & their translations in English effectively. In this way, the effort invested by the students for remembering technical terms would be substantial, no matter what language they are in.

Furthermore, for eliminating the language barrier, government and non-government bodies can introduce adjustments within textbooks written in English. This would help students to have a better grasp of whatever they learn in class, irrespective of the quality of learning.

Navigational ease for comprehension of English will establish a dynamic foundation for creation of equal opportunities for everyone and also help our country to progress as a whole.


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